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JCP Salon Positions Available

Stone Creek Dining Co.
We are hiring!


JCP Salon Positions Available
Openings: 2
Store: JCPenney
Hours/wk: Part Time
Key Responsibilities:
  • JCP Salon offers industry-leading benefits:

    Artistic paid training

    Up to 60% commission

    Up to $1,000 bonus for qualified candidates

    Teamwork culture

    Benefits including medical*, Dental*, paid time off*, 401K* and associate discount

    Client acquisition programs

    Diverse career paths

    * For benefits eligible team members.

    Please visit our careers page to view all openings:

    Kimberly Morgan-Dade, Salon Leader, 317.837.0042


    • Provide professional styling services – You love making customers find the fit that allows them to feel beautiful and golden in their own skin! You love creating the perfect cut and style to suit any length and hair type, and love color placement and other chemical services.

    • Educate Customers – You know it all when it comes to hair. Customers appreciate your expertise and understanding of different service and product benefits. You love finding the perfect solution that fits your customers and their families’ personal needs and tastes which enhances the way they live their lives!

    • Build a Fan Base – You love staying in contact with new and repeat customers because you know what they like, what they need, and when they need to maintain the look they love. • Assisting Customers – You seek out new clients through referrals and do whatever you can to make their experience GREAT! You listen, you help, you educate, and you make them want to come back! You are excited for the chance to grow your business through JCPenney customer traffic.

    • Partners with Salon Associates – You’ve got some best friends in the store. You partner and collaborate with the other service team members by assisting them when they need advice with a client; you pitch in to help with a positive attitude, you love sharing knowledge with other stylists.

    • Participates in a learning environment – You’re like a sponge ready to absorb new information from your peers, training materials, and artistic leaders. You are seeking to build additional skills and knowledge of the industry.

    Skill and Characteristics:

    License- You must maintain a current cosmetology license in the state you are applying

    People Skills – You are engaging and have no problem striking up a conversation with complete strangers. Clients are very comfortable talking with you and building a lasting relationship! You actively look for ways to help people and satisfy their needs through your client communication and technical skills.

    Attitude – You are a “glass half-full” type of person. You can take any situation and make it positive. You understand that attitudes and actions are vital to success. You know your emotional energy has an enormous influence on your client’s experience.

    Flexibility – You are open minded and willing to improve your client communication and technical skills.

    Motivation – You have an internal drive to be fantastic. You feel a real sense of accomplishment when the customer is happy and the salon looks great.

    Passion for Salon – You love product and services. You love being on your feet, you have attention to detail on customer needs, and thrive on making people HAPPY! Come join jcp salon because we take your career seriously! Please visit our careers page to view all openings:

We are hiring!
Openings: 4
Store: Stone Creek Dining Co.
Hours/wk: Full Time
Key Responsibilities:
  • Servers – Charming & Gracious…Organized & Efficient…True Team Players!! Those are the traits that make for a great server. The lifeblood of every full service restaurant as they are the “SALES FORCE” that interacts with every guest who walks through our door. At any point in time, you are juggling multiple tables/guests, answering in depth questions about food and drinks, giving the kitchen the detailed information needed to produce outstanding food, and all with a smile on your face. As if that weren’t enough – accurately handling cash and credit cards, completing running side duties, helping to deliver food to all tables, and assisting in the pre-bussing and setting of new tables…and all with a smile on your face. Control the timing of service, handle additional special requests, deal immediately with any unhappiness, and all with a smile on your face.

    Bartenders – Energetic & Enthusiastic…Organized & Efficient…Counselor & Comedian!!  Take every skill needed to be a great server and then add the need to know hundreds of drink recipes, in depth knowledge of wine, beer, and boutique liquors.  For 50+ years the brightest stars in every restaurant earned their way behind the bar and rightfully so.  Showmanship, flair, speed, accuracy, and the confidence to be surrounded on all fronts by guests and servers.  Bartenders must be respected for their high standards, depth of knowledge, and integrity as they are called on to insure the safe and legal serving of alcohol to our guests.  Are you current on world events?  Sports? Celebrity gossip? could come in handy.

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